Meet the team



Kim Taylor – State Manager (Tasmania)

Phone Kim on 0408 850 095 



Vanessa Skipworth – Business Consultant (North West) 

Phone Vanessa on 0457 895 023



Todd Ashdown – Business Consultant (North West)

Phone Todd on 0408 850 870



Hope Wooldridge – Customer Solutions Consultant (North West)

Phone Hope on 0497 006 740



Gayle Walduck – Customer Solutions Consultant (North)

Phone Gayle on 0488 305 960



Daniel Hart – Business Consultant (North)

Phone Dan on 0437 470 771



Ward Totham – Mentor

Phone Ward on 0437 100 458



Andrew Hyatt – Business Consultant Team Leader (Tasmania)

Phone Andrew on 0408 850 062



Kate Massie – Business Consultant (South)

Phone Kate on 0408 850 642



Rebecca Garbowski – Business Consultant (South)

Phone Bec on 0407 850 075



Melissa Pursell – Business Consultant (South)

Phone Mel on 0498 333 028



DeArne Lane – Customer Solutions Consultant (South)

Phone DeArne on 0407 850 063


Mentoring for Businesses in Growth


Daniela Schurink-Moeller – Small Business Consultant

A business management professional with over 10 years of experience in developing and managing hospitality businesses in Hobart. Daniela has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration/Tourism Management, as well as the latest Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The combination of practical experience in setting up and operating a small business, as well as formal business education, enables Daniela to give useful advice and guidance, mixed with experience and knowledge  from driving a small business to success. Her experience in the training and education environment also provides her with skills and knowledge to develop and organise workshops relevant to small business in Tasmania.
Phone Daniela on 0417 033 086