Meet the team



Kim Taylor – State Manager (Tasmania)

Phone Kim on 0408 850 095 



Vanessa Skipworth – Business Consultant (North West) 

Phone Vanessa on 0457 895 023



Todd Ashdown – Business Consultant (North West)

Phone Todd on 0408 850 870



Hope Wooldridge – Customer Solutions Consultant (North West)

Phone Hope on 0497 006 740



Gayle Walduck – Customer Solutions Consultant (North)

Phone Gayle on 0488 305 960



Daniel Hart – Business Consultant (North)

Phone Dan on 0437 470 771



Ward Totham – Mentor

Phone Ward on 0437 100 458




Kate Massie – Business Consultant (South)

Phone Kate on 0408 850 642



Rebecca Garbowski – Business Consultant (South)

Phone Bec on 0407 850 075



Melissa Pursell – Business Consultant (South)

Phone Mel on 0498 333 028



DeArne Lane – Customer Solutions Consultant (South)

Phone DeArne on 0407 850 063


Mentoring for Businesses in Growth


Lauren Somers – Program facilitator

As a proud small business owner myself, I’m passionate about supporting other business owners at all stages of their journey to grow their knowledge and skillsets, and providing opportunities for connections with experienced mentors from a myriad of industries.

I love a good event and enjoy bringing people together – whether it be a learning opportunity or a celebration! With experience in coordinating both small and large-scale events, I believe there is great value to be found in networking and sharing in the highs (and lows) of business and life in general.

Originally hailing from Queensland, I adore my adopted home of Tasmania and explore this beautiful state at every opportunity.
Phone Lauren on 0417 033 086