Case Study: Life Balance Essentials

The beginning

With a 20-year career in the finance and administration sector, Launceston mother of two, Lisa Hawkins started her own business to utilise her experience and achieve the flexibility she needed.

Lisa labels herself a passionate professional and through her corporate and personal concierge service Life Balance Essentials, she is helping others to achieve that elusive work-life balance.

“Being a busy mother and understanding the challenges every mum faces when trying to prioritise her day or feeling stretched in every direction, saw the birth of Life Balance Essentials,” Lisa said.

“Our services are personally tailored to meet the specific needs of our busy professional clients, whether business or home related. We act as your personal assistant, personal shopper and all-round organiser.”

Bringing her business plan to life was made that little bit easier through the help of her local Enterprise Centres Tasmania business advisor Thom Lloyd, of Business & Employment.

Thom took Lisa through the key steps of starting her own business, applying the STAR principle (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

“Initially the idea was to look into the online personal assistant industry and after some research it was clear that a corporate and personal concierge was ideal,” Thom said.

“It is a higher level of service than what is provided entirely online.”


In 2013, Lisa decided it was time to stop working for organisations and start a business of her own.

With two young children just starting school it was important to be available for them. However it was also important not to lose her 20 years of working experience.

“The Business & Employment support has been integral in this journey so far and will remain so,” Lisa said.

“They have made available workshops, one-on-one advice on online marketing and that has been invaluable,” Lisa said.

“Without these workshops it would never have been apparent just how important a “shop front” online is to the growth of this business.”

Life Balance Essentials

Lisa Hawkins, Owner
P: 0409 802 047