Case Studies

Life Balance Essentials

With a 20-year career in the finance and administration sector, Launceston mother of two, Lisa Hawkins started her own business to utilise her experience and achieve the flexibility she needed.

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The Purple Swamphen

Back in June 2013, when she first started to think about starting a small business on Flinders Island, Mel Telfer contacted Business & Employment business advisor Debbie Steer. Debbie met Mel on the island and talked over all aspects of a business startup and provided templates to help Mel plan.

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Sky Ranch Bakehouse

Skyranch Bakehouse owners Robin and Jimmy Ellenberger said their business arose in 2009 from a growing desire for a total career change coupled with the obsessive need to continue a 40-year passion of baking bread.

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Senior Helpers

Back in 2013, Leonie and Amy Williams wanted to open a small franchise business delivering home care to the elderly and adults with disabilities in northern Tasmania. They are both registered nurses and although they had management experience they had never started a business of their own.

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Theresa L Hatton Building Design

Theresa worked for many years in engineering practices then studied building and interior design. Finally, six years ago, she branched out on her own in Theresa L. Hatton Building Design.

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