Employer of Choice – Networking Events

Employer of Choice networking events are your opportunity to share ideas and learn from other people in business.

These events provide opportunities to share ideas on building better workplaces, with a focus on focus on learning from each other.

Employer of Choice partners, including MAS National and Business & Employment, will offer their expertise on a range of topics for small group discussions on strengths, challenges and opportunities. You’ll have the chance to choose three topics, join the conversations and network with purpose.

These events will include planned group discussions on:

▶ leadership, selection, training
▶ mental health, change, action learning
▶ apprentices and trainees, wellbeing

There is something for everyone with a focus on practical actions you can implement in your workplace.

Events will be held on 18 & 19 September in Ulverstone (12.15pm – 2pm) and Launceston (7am – 8.45am) | For tickets & more information, visit the Tasmanian Government website.