Small business advisory service

Small to medium businesses are vital to our economy. If you have started your business, growing it or changing your markets we have a program of support to assist you and your business.

We have been delivering these services in Tasmania for more than 25 years and over this period we have made a significant contribution to the success and development of thousands of Tasmanian small businesses.

Providing free and low-cost business advisory and referral services

Business & Employment delivers small business advisory services through our national alliance partners.

Free services

We provide a range of tools, guides and information to clients for a wide range of business issues. The most common matters raised by clients include:

  • Marketing
  • Business Planning
  • Employment issues (employer’s obligations)
  • GST and taxation issues
  • Regulations and red tape
  • Access to business networking opportunities
  • Business set up issues
  • Access to local contacts and professional services
  • Government programs – advice and assistance to access

As a part of our service, we encourage  you to keep in touch for ongoing support and to regularly visit our website and Facebook page for an update on up and coming workshops and seminars.

Where to start?

Our short, free business diagnostic is like a visit to a GP for your existing business. We identify areas that you want to or can improve on. If necessary we can refer you to specialists that can assist you in key areas.

Low cost streams of support

We have 5 broad streams of low-cost specialists  aligned to suit small business and your budget.

  1. Sourcing finance
  2. Building your business (plans)
  3. Managing your team/talent
  4. Business management skills
  5. Digital capacity in your business

Our support can be flexibly delivered as 1:1 consulting, mentoring, small group activity, workshops or even mini-events where bite-sized issues can be addressed in confidence.