Mentoring for Businesses in Growth

The “Mentoring for Businesses in Growth” Program provides small businesses in Tasmania with unbiased, confidential and free business mentoring services.

Our business mentors are drawn from a network of skilled, experienced business people from a variety of industries, retired and or still working, and with a wealth of business skills, knowledge and life experience to assist and guide small businesses with growing.

Mentors can help strengthen your entrepreneurial skills, provide guidance and support, as well as provide constructive criticism when warranted. By sharing their experience, industry knowledge and life skills they can support and guide you to the next level of growth, job creation and new investment

Why use a business mentor?

A business mentor can be an independent set of eyes looking at the operation helping you to assess and develop ways of growing your business. It is an opportunity to have a conversation with a mentor on your business issues and get ideas and perspectives on:

  • how to potentially get unstuck from business problems
  • employing people and investing
  • separating the important business decisions from the lesser important ones
  • improving your business operations and grow your business
  • refining your business operations, explore better business practices and find renewed inspiration.

The “Mentoring Business for Growth” Program matches clients’ needs with suitable mentors considering their relevant business skills, industry knowledge and experience to foster a meaningful and beneficial relationship.

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